Becoming a Volunteer

Smithsburg EMS is always looking for dedicated volunteers. Our members staff the ambulance, assist with outreach events, perform administrative functions, and even lend a hand with station repairs and upkeep.  

What if the sight of blood makes me woozy but I still want to help?

Smithsburg EMS has two types of membership – administrative and operational. Operational members staff the ambulances and perform the daily duties normally associated with EMS. Administrative members help out in nearly all other aspects.

Do I need to have training before I join?

No. Smithsburg EMS will provide all training for free.  You do not need to have any prior experience to join. However, we always welcome those with previous EMS or medical training. 

Is there a time requirement?

Yes.  In order to provide our community with well-trained crews, we ask our operational members to complete at least twenty-four hours each month. This can be done all at once, since EMS is a 24/7 profession, or over multiple days throughout the month, whatever is most convenient for you.  Administrative members are required to complete six hours every three months. 

Are there any benefits to volunteering?

You will not save a life on every call, but simple acts such as placing a blanket on a patient or speaking kindly with a family member make the difference in a crisis. Volunteering with Smithsburg EMS gives you the opportunity to directly impact the lives of others. In addition to the ability to serve your community, SEMS offers a family atmosphere in a station with amenities for our volunteers, providing all the comforts of home while volunteering. For our younger volunteers, SEMS offers the ability to participate in a tuition assistance program.  Smithsburg EMS provides free uniforms, onsite training, and multiple volunteer appreciation events throughout the year.  As a member of Smithsburg EMS, you are eligible for tax incentives and, as a lifetime member, retirement benefits.  

I am interested in joining. Where do I start?

Please complete the form below and a representative from the personnel department will contact you with additional information. 

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