Mission, Values, Vision




Mission Statement


Servare Vitas “to save lives”

Smithsburg EMS is dedicated to providing the citizens of Smithsburg and surrounding communities the highest level of emergency medical services. We will provide quality patient care through Basic and Advanced Life Support response and transport.

We will uphold our commitment of service delivery with rapid intervention by highly trained professionals (career and volunteer) to provide care to those in need.


Values - Are critical to our operation and image


We Will Be Part of a Positive Work Environment:

• Embrace diversity

• Treat each other with respect

• Display honesty, integrity, loyalty, and fairness

• Be team oriented during daily routine and emergency incidents

• Value each other’s input to make us better at what we do

• Display compassion and caring for each other and our customers

• Communicate openly at all levels of the organization


We Will Be Professional in Our Actions and Strive for Excellence:

• Display professional appearance and behavior

• Be courteous to each other and to our customers

• Provide unity, teamwork, and leadership

• Provide personal development, training, and maintain a high level of preparedness

• Maintain personal wellbeing and fitness

• Prevent injury and illness through public education and community involvement


Vision – Is vital for our survival and our future


We Will Be Progressive with Delivering Customer Service, Providing the

Highest Quality of Patient Care:

• The latest advanced equipment, apparatus, and training

• Embrace of innovations in advanced life support technology

• Continuous strategic planning and improvement evaluation “on how we can do it better."


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