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Seniors/Senior Couples
Individual seniors (65+) and senior couples can insure themselves against out-of-pocket expenses for $45.00 per year.
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Family of 3
Adult individuals and couples (up to 65 years of age) can cover themselves and one dependent for $50.00 per year.
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Family of 4+
Families of four or more individuals (two adults and unlimited dependents) can cover their entire household for the low cost of $55.00 per year.
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The Smithsburg community has a uniquely sophisticated EMS department deploying the most cutting edge technology in the name of preserving and saving life. We are proud that our engaged citizenry continues to support this higher standard of care, allowing us to deliver the best paramedics and equipment to your door in an emergency. All of our paramedics are selected based on their individual talent, performance under pressure, and years of experience. Many hold advanced licensure and certifications in critical care and flight medicine. Several have trained in this nation’s best programs. Maintaining state of the art equipment and skilled clinicians is costly, but ensures that our community has the very best prehospital care available. Your donation directly supports this mission. What is our mission? To Save Lives. Every Day.

Smithsburg EMS engages in direct billing of patients for service rendered. Those patients who elect to receive transport to a hospital will receive a bill for the relevant service provided. While it is true that many major insurance carriers, along with Medicare and Medicaid, do cover EMS transport, there may be significant copayments due for services rendered. Becoming a member of our annual fund-drive is both a great way to support the organization and to cover one’s family during their most urgent time in need.

All levels of membership are tax deductible donations.

As has always been the case, those individuals and families who wish to provide additional support to the organization may do so by selecting “Other Amount” and specifying the level of donation they wish to provide. Individuals who donate above the minimum amount should rest easy knowing that these funds are spent on a variety of public outreach programs, capital improvements, and help subsidize any charitable care provided by SEMS to those unable to pay for ambulance transport. 


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