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A strong relationship with our community is a central tenant of Smithsburg EMS' (SEMS) overall mission. We believe that Smithsburg, and her surrounding communities, should have access to the very best prehospital care available. The community's agrarian and rural past and present should not hinder the development of a robust emergency services system that is locally managed and operated. Many people often ask what the "advantages" are of a small not-for-profit running such a critical life-saving service. Unlike our peers to the east, much of SEMS' funding and operations are provided directly by the approximately 10,000 citizens in our service area.

Keeping EMS locally means keeping it honest and true to its roots. Our leaders are citizens of the broader community and have vested interest in the success of the service. Their own children and families will rely on the service in their own time of need. Additionally, we are accountable to the level of support we receive from our constituents. Fully more than 50% of our total funding is provided by the community's generous donations and direct billing of service. This funding mechanism ensures that the department's continued health and survival is dependent upon our ability to provide timely and excellent service to the citizens within our response area.

What Can I Do to Help?

1) Schedule a visit to our station on 8 Maple Avenue in Smithsburg. Many people have misconceptions about how emergency medicals services are provided. We've found that as little as ten minutes with one of our highly trained professionals empowers people to step-up and spread the good word.

2) Volunteer your time. We have available openings for both operational (those who respond to 9-1-1 emergencies) and administrative (those who assist with day-to-day administrative functions) volunteer members. Professionals with specific skills may be of great use to the organization without necessarily needing to respond to 9-1-1 calls. Over the years we've had many individuals donate their time and services in the name of advancing the mission of the organization. Unsure if EMS is for you? Schedule a ride-along.  Contact us and see how you can help today.

3) Donate. Smithsburg EMS relies heavily on your donations for our continued operations. We operate on the basis of a culture of excellence and the very best equipment and outreach programs all require extensive funding separate from tax-based support. Those interested in large donations, bequeaths, and investments should consider contacting us directly. We'd be more than happy to discuss how your donation can be put towards specific missions within the department and around the community.

4) Write your local community leaders and express support for our mission. Remind them of the value of an independent, not-for-profit EMS service. Ask for their continued support of our daily operations.

5) Are you a physician? Smithsburg EMS is always looking for physicians with an interest in prehospital medicine, especially those who are Board Eligible or Board Certified Emergency Physicians with an interest in EMS. Your participation or mentorship within the organization is invaluable. SEMS believes in a collaborative relationship between physicians and prehospital providers that is only strengthened by the educational and life experiences you can bring to the organization. For more information on the importance of strong physician-EMS relationships, please see the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) website for more information. 


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