Smithsburg Police receive more AEDs

In December of 2012 SEMS provided an AED for use by the Smithsburg Police Department in the cruiser of the on duty police officer. Since that time 2 of the 3 Smithsburg Police Department officers, plus the chief, have received Letters of Commendation for their actions assisting SEMS at the scenes of EMS calls. These have included deployment of the police department held AED and/or performing CPR.

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SEMS empties station for crash

Just after 11 p.m. on Thursday, March 5th, SEMS and Smithsburg Volunteer Fire Company were dispatched to Jefferson Blvd. near Grimm's Salvage Yard for a reported vehicle crash. The on duty crew immediately responded and at that time the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) reported a possibility of multiple patients at the scene. In typical SEMS fashion additional volunteers responded to the emergency call. In the end all 3 SEMS ambulances responded, each staffed with an EMT and a paramedic.

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Open House

We would like to thank those who attended our open house last month. For anyone who missed it here is some information from The Herald-Mail.

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Lend-a-Hand Dinner

Smithsburg EMS will always be an organization that is involved in our community and doesn't just sit around waiting for emergency calls. Once again we participated in the Lend-a-Hand Dinner, making 4 different stops around Washington County and delivering 196 meals in all.

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2014 stats

For the first time in SEMS history we surpassed 1,200 calls for service in a single year.

2014 Total - 1,239 calls (up from 1,162 in 2013).

The number of hours contributed by our volunteers also increased over last year.  22,083 hours in 2014 compared to 21,880 hours in 2013.

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SEMS Goals Achieved, A Cut Above

When SEMS volunteers achieved the goals outlined for them in 2013 by Chief James Ulrich, he kept good on his promise.  Find out what promise he kept at the links [below].

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WHAG Coverage on 911 Calls Near The Border

WHAG asked to speak with SEMS Chief James Ulrich about recent incidents where 911 calls were placed via cell phone but the incidents occurred near state borders.  Find out more details at the link

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